my eyes are the colour of red like a sunset

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Hi! I decided to send a nice message to everyone I follow today, because I've got nothing to do all day so why not do something nice? I don't think I will ever have enough Ed on my dash ;) and that's why it's really lovely to follow you! I hope you'll have a nice day!!! — Anonymous

Hi :) aw thank you so much! that’s really really nice of you. I hope you have a nice day too and thank you again, you’re awesome

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hello people. i don’t really know you all very much, so i wanted to do this so i could know you guys better, cause you’re all amazing and i always wanted to be friends with you guys, so i’m making this so we could maybe become friends yay. i selected some people, blogs i like and people that i talked to already, but anyone who wants to make a friend, please come to my ask box and let’s talk, i love making new friends. hahaha :)


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Ed Sheeran covers ‘She Looks So Perfect’ by 5 Seconds Of Summer on Capital FM


this might have made me cry

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[ x ]

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Ed Sheeran: 25 things you don’t know about me


Nine Days and Nighst of Ed Sheeran